Christ is King






Christ Is King

A king is someone with rank, power or influence over a particular area or group of people.  As humans, we have a hard time giving up the thought of having our own control or power over our lives.  When we allow Jesus to truly be the King of our lives, we are saying to Him, “Lord, you have the power and influence over me and I will look to you for guidance, protection, and strength.”  It is then, when we surrender our lives to the Lord, that our hearts can truly sing praises to the King who has ultimate authority over our time here on Earth. 

Different than most earthly kings, Christ has given us the choice to accept His power or not.  We are called, as Christians, to choose each day to give all of our gifts, talents, resources, words, and time (not just our songs of praise) to serving the Kingdom. 

We are servants of Christ and must listen to the tasks our King is handing down for us each day, no matter how big or small.  It becomes our joy then, to honor our King when He, in turn, takes care of us, guides us, and protects us until the day we are called to join Him in His Kingdom of Heaven. 

We invite you to accept Christ the King’s power and influence over your life and to praise and serve Him alongside us; all it takes is one prayer: “Jesus, I surrender my life to you as my King.  Thank you for your grace and love.  Help me to be a true servant in your Kingdom in all that I do.”


List of Songs in the Musical:

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Posters & Bulletins to Download:

Christ The King Poster (.pdf)

Christ The King Bulletin (.pdf)