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Solid Rock Singers

This year’s musical was named “The Call” basing our message on Isaiah 6:8 ‘Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?” And I said, “Here am I. Send me!” and asking the question to those we met… if Jesus Calls you, will you answer? 

 We spent 4 nights and 5 days locally in Minneapolis, MN at Urban Ventures. Since it was a year of transition, we felt it would be easier to take our youth locally.  We had 36 amazing youth and 11 wonderful adults that traveled with us.

The week started out with our youth helping with storm clean up and hauling wood chips to the community garden and revitalizing the garden from the storm. The first full day the youth were split into groups of high school and middle school. The high school youth worked with kids from 1-8th grades in a learning lab, where those children were getting help with reading, writing and math. The middle school youth were out doing more storm clean up and having amazing God filled moments. We really wanted to show the kids that sometimes you don’t have to go far from home to be a servant of Christ, it can happen in our own “back yard” .

We also wanted to introduce the youth to different cultures and religions. Monday we were off to the Midtown Global Market, where the youth could experience food from different cultures …Somali, Thai, Vietnamese, Italian, and Mexican (Some of the kids tried something new). We then met a photographer, Wing Young Huie, who took pictures of generation poverty and families. We then headed back to Urban ventures doing a prayer walk. The Next day we headed to the Somali mall, in which most of the girls sat and received Henna Tattoos, we then headed over to an Islamic Mosque, it gave us all a chance to learn about a religion that is unlike Christianity. The youth were thoughtful and asked many amazing questions. We then headed over to THE HUB for some X-Cultural time, with a Former U of MN Gopher Volleyball player. Wednesday brought a fun evening of hanging out with the youth from THE HUB, where our youth and their youth were able to connect. Our academy awards were also this night and it was a wonderful, fun filled night.

Thursday brought us to the Center of Fathering, where the high school kids sat through the class that is held for parents who may have been incarcerated and are now trying to be part of their families’ life. The Center of fathering also helps people get employment.  The youth then sang 3 songs for the people of the Center of Fathering and God was in this place.

Our devotions for the week started out by discussing different kinds of gifts, but one Lord. We talked about being a part of the body (something bigger than ourselves) which makes us MORE significant, not less. That EVERY part is valuable and important, even though it seems small, if the body were a single part, it could not function and that being part of a body helps us (our calling, our gift) from puffing up with self-importance. If the body were a single part it would be considered a monster. We need other believers and can’t do it on our own, even if we feel our gift is the most valued and most important. We all have gifts and need to use them like parts of the body, together, working hand in hand with our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. We also have to remember to love one another.

Due to the transition, we only chose to travel two times this year and that was to Aitkin and Cedar, both were amazing and God filled.  We had 55 youth this year and home worship was April 6 & 7, 2013. The youth did an amazing job!