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Solid Rock Singers

This year’s musical was talking about being “Caught in the Middle”. In the middle of anything and we can’t figure out which way to go, what plan should we choose. However, we know that the plan for our daily lives is already planned out by our Heavenly Father. Our musical was based on the verse: Proverbs 3:5 Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. 

Our plans normally do not work in our favor, but if we put our trust in the lord our lives take a different road. This mission trip was really to be God’s plan – we weren’t sure what exactly what our mission work would be, what our churches would look like. It was that we had to really put the trust in the lord. 

This summer we traveled to beautiful Colorado Springs, CO and spent almost a full week in the beautiful state. We had 28 amazing youth and 13 wonderful adults that traveled with us. 

The week started out traveling to Minden, Nebraska in which we stayed at the United Methodist Church of Minden,   It had everything (except showers) you could ask for...foosball, air hockey and pool tables. We had an AMAZING worship service for the congregation of Minden; they were so welcoming to all of us. The kids did awesome singing their musical, the congregation loved hearing the kids and to be honest there were a lot of tears...the realization of the end of a year is coming into reality fairly early in the mission trip. 

We headed out for Colorado and arrived at the First Church of Nazarene in Colorado Springs ..the place is HUGE and never ending. There are two full sanctuaries, a gym, showers, and a coffee shop and more...we have been welcomed by very warm people.  The church has an amazing view of the mountains. For the kids that had never seen the mountains before - there were a lot of oohs and aahs! At the end of the evening there was a competitive game of whiffle ball.  

The days started out with devotions about Elevate to a relationship with Christ was done by Destiny Project - this is the group that has been feeding us...the food is wonderful, they were just an amazing group to be around, loved on our youth and adults, and just God loving people.  Here is what Elevate means: Enter – Learn – Effort – Value –Align – Transition – Empower.

We then went and started with mission work at the church we are staying at. We did yard clean up by pulling weeds out of the rocks, planting flowers and mowing the lawn. We then headed to another church in the area where we cleaned out a garage. When we walked in there was just a path to walk in. We organized, swept, threw garbage out and even found a dead squirrel and a couple of snake skins (never dull). By the time we left - Daniel (a member of the church)...was grinning from ear to ear - it was very much aware he loved his church). The garage was organized, clean (as it could be) in a matter of a couple of hours.

We can’t have a mission trip without a fun day...we started the day @ Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. Where we fed and pet the giraffes..  The zoo is absolutely amazing being built into the side of a mountain and getting up close and personal with the animals. We then went to the Garden of Gods...beautiful scenery, walked around and dinner. It was great to see God's handy work.

We were able to sing at Compassion International for about 450 employees during their chapel service and later that evening we sang for the Youth at Frist Church of Nazarene. Both services were awesome and spirit filled.  Our youth mingled with their youth and some connections were made. 

On to more mission work where we headed to Pike Peaks Prep school and there we washed walls, put mulch down and pulled weeds. The school then brought us in and the kids that were in the summer program thanked us. They are having a reopening of the school and were so appreciative of the work we did. The place looked fabulous when we were done.  We then headed to Queen Palmer School. 95% of their students are on the free lunch program (yes that is a correct statistic.) There was more physical labor --  pulled weeds, mowed the lawn, sprayed weeds, and painted a cabinet and the trim of the doors by the principal’s office. It looked great.

The evening was spent celebrating with academy awards. The kids came up with great costumes and so did the adults. 

We also had an outreach with other churches – we attended McGregor UMC, Alexandria UMC, Faith UMC, and all were amazing and God filled.  We had 50 youth this year and home worship was March 22 and 23. The youth did an amazing job!